Mobile Bars

Offering a large range of complimentary mobile bar solutions, from thirst quenchers to sweet treats and tasty bites  we offer it all.

Let us create a fully bespoke mobile bar solution -  tailored to your exact requirements, providing a high end bar experience across all our bar offerings.

We will oversee the complete infrastructure setup,  staffing and fully customisable branding solutions.

Our onsite team will ensure a seamless execution for your event.

Hospitality Solutions

Complete hospitality solutions for expo stands & events. We strongly believe in maximising your exposure at any event or expo.

The perfect draw card to attract delegates onto your expo stands & boost your brands presence.

Humans crave interactions and experiences  this is what we give them, whist delivering the targeted message of our clients through our branding platforms

Branding Solutions

Providing you with unique & alternative branding platforms.

We understand the importance of delivering your message across as many brandable platforms for the maximum desired effect delegates and attendees will walk away with your brand top of mind and literally in their hand.

We are dedicated to servicing our clients, see some of our solutions below

Bars on the Move

Brand Activations


Corporate Events

Wellness Days

Exhibition Stand Hospitality


Product Launches

Road Shows

Why us

We offer superior customer engagement

with a unique way to captivate your audience at conferences, events and expo stands, which allows you to draw in your desired target audience whilst offering them an experience.

We have created a good and trusted name for ourselves and we have built many fantastic relationships over the years with stand builders, marketing agencies, event companies and our corporate clients.

Our team are certified Barmotion Rock Stars  who go above & beyond for our clients.

The perfect draw card to attract delegates onto your expo stands & boost your brand presence.

Our team understands the importance of delegate engagement & we know how important it is to create a positive first impression.

We love what we do & we are undoubtedly proud to say we are the best at it!